Straight into the sun

Hi all! Today over at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider you’ll find my tutorial about how to create a really warm, effective, and multifaceted effect emulating a shoot straight into the sun – check it out! Please follow and like us:

Printing is King

I’ve written a guest blog post for Sim Imaging all about how Printing is King – you can see it over on their new blog. Have a great week! Please follow and like us:

Faith in Platypod!

I recently took a gamble on a commissioned trip to Iceland. I left the tripod at home and took instead a Platypod Ultra! See how I got on here. Much love Dave Please follow and like us:

I’m RAW!

I shoot RAW. Exclusively, without fail. Here’s why… RAW is a good thing. It takes up more space on your card, it slows the buffer, but it’s good that it does that! Trust me – I’m a photographer! To go right to the roots, RAW … Continue readingI’m RAW!