Faith in Platypod!

I recently took a gamble on a commissioned trip to Iceland. I left the tripod at home and took instead a Platypod Ultra! See how I got on here. Much love Dave Please follow and like us:

I’m RAW!

I shoot RAW. Exclusively, without fail. Here’s why… RAW is a good thing. It takes up more space on your card, it slows the buffer, but it’s good that it does that! Trust me – I’m a photographer! To go right to the roots, RAW … Continue readingI’m RAW!

Arctic kit list

I’m off to Svalbard tomorrow and I’m looking to capture a huge range of different things, assuming I manage to find them! As such I’ve had to make some difficult kit decisions, so I figured I’d share my packing list here with you. Here goes, … Continue readingArctic kit list